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Who We Are

Hailing from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, Eastside Villainz bolds a variety of songs stemming from political corruption, heartbreak, family, and doing lines off the occasional stripper’s tits. Intellectually savvy, Eastside Villainz pens hard hitting lyrics that forces listeners to think and question the motives of their leaders. Simply throwing on a Guy Fawke’s mask is not their intention, they live and breathe their music. The authenticity that their lyrics flow from self experience renovates with their fans, and has built them a loyal fan base.

Teamed up with Wise Guy Records, Eastside Villainz has proved throughout Detroit that they are a powerhouse stable in the Detroit Hip-Hop scene. After numerous collaborations and performances, they earned the respect and admiration of hip-hop veterans including Seven The General, Jigsaw, and Swifty McVay of D12. Armed with a sledgehammer, Eastside Villainz is ready to smash the glass ceiling and climb atop of the throne of the national hip-hop scene.[/vc_column_text]